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World Bank Technical Team Presents Damage and Loss Assessment Report on August Landslides and Floods

By State House Communication Unit

The World Bank on Friday 8 September presented a rapid damage and loss assessment of the Sugarloaf landslide and floods in the Western Area which struck on 14 August, 2017 to the Government of Sierra Leone, including President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, the Hon. Vice President, cabinet ministers and senior government officials as well as UN agencies.

The report which spans the period August 24th – September 8th 2017, was done in a PowerPoint presentation delineating the damage and loss of the disaster and identified recovery needs across identified sectors. The rapid assessment also highlights the macro-economic and human impacts of the disaster and will help determine the magnitude of the impact and the needs to mobilise resources and inform the recovery strategy.

The report also categorized the recovery process into three – short, medium and long term.

Further mentioned in the presentation were the tools used in the assessment including mobile data collection and open street map building layer. The report captured the number of people reported dead or missing in the affected areas including Regent with 808 people, Kamayama 264, Kaningo 33, Juba 21, 10 Dwazark and 5 Culvert.

Regarding the causes of the August 14 landslides and floods, the report linked the causes to climate change and rainfall as well as deforestation and urban sprawl.

Upon completion, the assessment will help determine the magnitude of the impact and the need to mobilize resources for the recovery process.

World Bank Country Manager for Sierra Leone Parmindar Brar said the assessment was jointly done by the World Bank and other agencies and that the report was partly funded by the European Union and the Bank. As the gravity of the damage assessment stands to be more deepened, he urged other agencies to come onboard.

Receiving the report, President Koroma thanked World Bank and other agencies for their immediate response in addressing the issues in a more professional manner, saying that it now behoves government to quickly look at the report and take the necessary measures. He expressed hope that the final report which is expected in November this year would give detail recommendations for proper action.

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  1. The report listed four reasons for the disaster: climate change; rainfall; deforestation and urban sprawl, yet none of the aforementioned factors were witnessed in 1945, except for rainfall, when a similar incident occurred. How can they explain this: 3/4 of their reasons redundant in an earlier event?

  2. Elisabeth Nelson-Williams

    We thank God for the rapid report out lining the short medium and long term strategy and financial management that is available to fund and put in place the infrastructure and agencies that are to come onboard to build up our Country.ss well as rehousing the displaced people who have lost all that they have. This is a great task. The wisdom skills and no how is needed as all the parties and agencies work with each and communicate with eac each othe as well as respecting corporAtive decisions taken to see progress in eac area of the project. May the Interest of our Nation Sierra Leone and its people be the priority apart from God who created and place us in that Land and call us all us His People. Let every Money and resources and all other financial and human skills and wisdom be used for the Nation and not for individuals or group benefit. God sees and knows. Enough is Enough.

    I pray that fair and true financial record keeping will be presented at the end of the period of assessment for each project. Sierra Leoneans remember the war death, the Ebola death and now the mud flood death. Let us be mindful of this fact when projects are being done remember the lives that have gone. So Let our consciences be clear that we are doing all of this with the wealth,Labour and skills for those who have been victims. We pray for a better and safe nation and for its people. May the Lord bless us all as we continue to pray, confess our sins and ask God to forgive us and heal our Land. God bless Sierra Leone. Amen.

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