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Why Is Prezo Koroma Behind Bars? An Entertainment Journalist Doing His Work

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Does Investigating A Citizens Alleged Crime A New Crime In Sierra Leone?

Prezo Koroma has been a journalist serving in the entertainment industry for a couple of years now. He went to court to fetch pieces of information relating to the issue that led to the arrest of LAJ so he can report to the industry.

Unfortunately, the court sitting did not hold, so he further went to the OSD headquarters to see how best he can get a few details about LAJ’s arrest. During that process, he (Prezo Koroma) and a few others were also arrested. By the look of his picture taken on the day they appeared in court which was Friday 17th June 2022, you can see how exhausted he is, and these are not normal looks.

Only God knows what he might have gone through during his detention. After the court appearance, they were all whisked to Pademba Prison. The BIG question is, what crime did he commit? So in our country following up on citizens’ Alleged crimes has become a crime? Does the Law prohibit a journalist to investigate ongoing crimes?

Can the Law tell us what crime he might have committed for him to be sent to prison? Maybe he might have committed a crime which the public doesn’t aware of. I guess in our country we have Press Freedom. And am sure it is part of our Laws in this country also for a journalist to investigate a crime of his/her own interest. Why would someone be sent to prison for following up on a citizen crime? Sierra Leone is all we have and every Sierra Leonean Deserves better treatment.

Free Prezo Koroma

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