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Vote Wisely, Forget 444, All 4 All Or Tolongbo, Salone 4 Betteh.

The view of a patriot
Allan M.J Campbell

If politicians can assure us that their children and grand children will begin to attend government assisted school after election, we are sure that the quality of education in Sierra Leone will bounce again and retain it’s lost glory, it use to have. As a small boy in the early 80’s attending primary school, there were few private schools. Almost every body want to see their children attend the traditionally big named primary and secondary schools, including the parliamentarians and other big government officials. I remember in my days at the Saint Anthony’s Primary School for example, I was school mate with grand sons of the late Inspector General of Police James Bambay Kamara, the nephew of Victor Foh, Ahmed Foh, sons of Solomon Akuna Berewah, Solomon and Francis and son of the late re-noun lawyer Jenkins Johnson, Leon Jenkins Johnson who threads in the steps of his late father, the long list of re-noun and prominent politicians and personalities goes on, if I am to further it. Also there were many foreign nationals eg Lebanese and children of diplomats attending these schools. These factors served as an enforceable endorsement which triggered quality results or output in the academic/educational arena in Sierra Leone, because the presence of the children of big personalities in government schools serves as an accomplice of their interest and facilitating influenza to quality in government schools.

Example “if government official hin pikin dae go government school, e go ensure say pump na d school dae run, toilet facility dae, functional equipment, government school teacher nor go beat hin pikin for buy in mumuyereh na school by force, e go check hin pikin in book for see how d school work dae go n how hin pikin dae progress. These alone are provocative and enforcers to quality education when the child of a poor/ordinary man knows that my classmate is the son of “wan big alajo ” it’s motivational, these were all aiding factors that helped some of us through and inwardly forced us to be very competitive in the academic and social sphere as kids .

The proliferation or multiplication of private schools over the years, has negative reflection and repercussions to Sierra Leone over the positive outcomes. It has been burdensome and has been a multiplayer with multifarious negative outcome to our economy, poor quality education and is heavily connected with corruption. How is it connected with corruption? This is the age where everyone is conscious of quality, when the big personalities transfer the quality of education to the private schools by moving their children there and allowing the government school to perish, the average man who is working in government or public offices with little salary and is conscious of quality, will also seek for the means of chasing the sons and daughters of those personalities by getting their children for admission into those private schools, thereby killing quality of output in the government schools, because they lack genuine/serious attention from the strong voice with the influence that provokes results promptly. How and where do we think these basic earners get these money’s from when their salaries don’t even march the fees they pay for their kids? Ans: through corruption in their offices thereby starving government funds and depriving the ordinary man from what they should have or kill quality service.

Bring the old attitude back that will awaken the past glory in the academic/educational arena, I want politicians to address the issue of education by assuring us that they will take their children to government school, the parliamentarian wae vie for MP na consistuency 112 are Lek we nor dae same sai get me vote. Leh we all endeavor for engage we different candidates dem na we constituencies on sobar issues for Salone n we pikin dem betteh, vote wisely n forget 4 for 4, all for all or tolongbo, Salone for betteh.

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