Two Sentenced to Death By Hanging In Port Loko


Special High Court Session Ends in Port Loko with 2 Convicts sentenced to Death by Hanging

By Hassan Bruz
Northern Bureau Chief

If the pronouncement of Justice Monfred Sesay is anything to go by, then Mohamed Sesay and Osman Sesay must bid a final bye to their homes, relatives and loved ones. The understanding and expectation of the general public is that these men have been paid in their own coins and will now go to face instant death. The Pronouncement came after a verdict of guilty was returned by the Jury that was panelled to determine their cases and after the Defence Lawyer has failed to convince the Trial Judge for a minimal sentence. Both Mohamed Sesay and Osman Sesay who nick is name as ‘Gbassay’, were on separate murder charges at the Special Session of the High Court held in Port Loko and presided over by Justice Monfred Sesay.

This Special High Court Session is said to be an initiative of the Chief Justice of Sierra Leone – Justice Abdulai Hamid Charm with the ultimate aim of bringing down justice to the people. The initiative was developed upon his realisation that quite a good number of People were languishing in detention without trial and for far too long. He therefore set up a team of Senior Judges to address the issue of backlog cases. These Judges were subsequently deployed in certain Judicial Districts with huge backlog of cases. Port Loko in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone, turned out to be one of such Districts.

It will interest you to know that the Judicial District of Port Loko comprised Lungi, Masiaka, Lunsar, the entire of Kambia and Port Loko itself. Although the size of the District is certainly not a qualification for a leading backlog of Court cases, yet this District had a total of 107 Indictments including capital offences. They ranged from Larceny to Murder through, sexual penetration, rape, wounding with intent, robbery with violence and manslaughter. 93 matters were tabled for this Session out of which 71 were successfully concluded.
Amongst the matters concluded were those of Mohamed Sesay and Osman Sesay aka ‘Gbassay’. Mohamed was charged with the murder of one Yapo Conteh. Mohamed and Yapo were resident at Gbalamuya in Kambia District as Palm wine Tappers. It came to a time when Yapo realised that his Palm wine was being pilfered from the Trees. On that fatal day, Yapo went and found Mohamed doing away with his palm wine in the bush. A fight ensued and Yapo was killed in cold blood.

Although Mohamed Sesay fled the village after the incident, he was captured 2 days later with the mobile phone of the deceased. Mohamed was handed over to the Police at the Kambia Police Station where he was investigated and then charged to Court with the offence of Murder. Several witnesses testified including the Limba Tribal Chief who explained who their Laws were flouted by Mohamed, the Man who captured him and surrendered him to the Police after a confessional statement and the Police Officer who investigated the matter. The Jury returned a guilty verdict against him as a result of the evidence made in Court and he was sentenced to death by hanging.
Osman Sesay aka ‘Gbassay’ was also sentenced to death by hanging in spite the pleas of Barrister Randy S Bangura of the Legal Aid Board of Sierra Leone who defended most of the Accused Persons in this Session. Osman was charged with murder together with 4 others including 2 of his brothers. They were accused with the murder of Kaprr Mansaray popularly known as ‘K.P’ of Masorkoh Village in the Buya Romendy Chiefdom, Port Loko District. Kaprr Manasaray was a commercial motor bike rider. His services were hired by Osman to convey him to a particular village on 25th. September 2016. They were returning late that evening and almost approaching Masorkoh village, when ordered by Osman Sesay to stop. The rider complied and was immediately attacked. His Motorbike was carted away after he was brutally killed. Osman fled the village by daybreak and went to stay with is brothers – Mohamed Sesay and Alusine Sesay at Tombo whom he told the Motor bike was his. Amara Kargbo was taking a ride with the Motor bike when intercepted by the Police. He led the Police to arrest Abdul Massaquoi aka ‘man –go –bondo’, Mohamed Sesay, and Alusine Sesay.

At the Special High Court in Port Loko, all the 4 Accused Persons were acquitted and discharged after Osman Sesay had told the Court that he carried out the act alone and that all the other Accused Persons were innocent. The manner in which Kaprr Mansaray was killed by Osman was described by Dr. Issac Sesay of the Government Hospital in Port Loko where the post-mortem examinations were conducted as horrifying. The Medical Doctor said the deceased had a gaping laceration across the face and a deep cut on the left hand which left two of the fingers almost detached. Apart from the multiple lacerations on several parts of the body, the deceased also had another major wound on the neck which almost beheaded the rest of the body if it were not for the thin flesh it hung.
It should be recalled that there has been a lot of similar brutal killings in several parts of the country in recent times and Sierra Leoneans have urged for those found guilty of such offences to face death themselves. This would have been the sure way to backslide the growing levels of indiscriminate killings. But what else should be expected in a State where the President seems to be on oath not to endorse the implementation or execution of these Court Orders? Below are the photos of the slaughtered Kaprr Mansaray aka ‘K.P’, the Chief Justice and a cross section of his personnel, who is bent on taking justice to the People. Is it a farfetched task?