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Three Arrested For Stealing Copper Cables In Lungi Town


Jeezuz Bah

8:25 am
Friday 29, November 2019.

According to police report, at about 12:15 am the station received a stress call from the Resident Minister that a robbery is about to stage at waterworks, immediately persnnels were deployed undercover to the said location. Two hours later about at about 3:00am a gang of six was spotted in a rice cultivated rumbeh swamp mining copper cables meant for the supply of pipe borne water to communities In Lungi town. Three of the six were arrested and the remaining on the run.

However, Hon. Haja Isata Abdulai-Kamara Resident Minister for Northwest Region arrived at the Lungi police station exactly 6:35am she requested a visit to the site together with one of the lead arrested culprits.

Persistent illegal cutting of the Lungi mini reservoir copper cables in the scrap metals syndicates had led to water shortage and that of electricity supply.

Hon. Haja Isata Abdulai-Kamara encouraged locals to continue the good work in keeping watchful eyes on every government property in their neighborhood. She also promised on behalf of the Sierra Leone Police to apprehend the remaining on the run to the main correctional center in Freetown.

The Northwest Region is a nor go area for anti government activities. The New Direction government is here to succeed and will unearth any counter force in her region as usual.

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