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The Reason Behind SL Mining License Suspension

Remember our Parliament December 6th 2017?

Remember when our MPs were there till midnight passing all kinda bills?

Well, that night was when SL Mining bill was rushed through parliament and given licence to mine here.

But dats not just the reason why President Bio has suspended the company for 21days, but for deceiving and potentially defrauding the State and its 7.1 million people.

Just in June and July this year, SL Mining has exported tens of thousand tons of Iron Ore from this country without disclosing to the State the selling price and buyers of the mineral. No documentation whatsoever.

Which automatically open doors to fraud, which they’ve been doing all these years, and they would be paying us whatever little they feel like, something which is contrary to the Mining Act.

Till they bring forth the documents showing how much money was made from the exports and the buyers, they seized to operate in this land.

De Grun too Dry bo

Sonkay Turay

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