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Taking Government To The People – Vice President Juldeh Jalloh Assures Kambia People

Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh today 17th October, 2019 assured the people of Kambia that they are not left out in the New Direction’s implementation of the country’s 2019 – 2023 medium term National Development Plan (NDP).

He was speaking at a workshop to abreast the district with the NDP and a review of the decentralisation process at Kambia.

Within the context of the medium term NDP, VP Jalloh said the government’s key priorities are health, education and energy.

In supporting the growth of agriculture, he highlighted that the country has to move from producing utility energy for homes and offices to a higher level in order to power agro-processing and value-added agricultural activities.

Kambia he said is among the six districts prioritised for the World Bank funded rural electrification project.

“Paopa, Kambia sef for light,” VP Jalloh said light heartedly assuring that Kambia would not be left behind.

He told the people that the NDP is their plan as it was drawn up based on their identified priorities, disclosing further that Kambia put forward education.

Bringing the plan which will be publicised in all the districts, VP Jalloh said is very important.
Outlining the role of local actors in the implementation of the NDP, VP Jalloh said planning and implementation require coordination – people working together.

He called on the chiefs, councils, CSOs and stakeholders to watch against duplication of resources in the implementation of the Plan, stressing that peace and security are very important, giving examples of chiefdoms facing challenges where the Paramount Chief and his people are not in harmony.

He also called on Civil Society to perform well their watchdog role in ensuring that local projects are properly implemented.

Decentralisation, VP Jalloh said is crucial to the successful implementation of the plan. Hence, after fifteen years, the government thought it fit to review the Local Government Act, a process that he implored the chiefs and the councils to feed their inputs into in respect of challenges and weaknesses of decentralisation.

Government he said is aware of all the sectoral challenges, adding that government’s role is to respond to the aspirations of the people warning however that government has limited resources hence the need for prioritising.

Thanking all for taking part in the workshop, VP Jalloh expressed hope that they would all work with the review process to ensure it responds to their needs.

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