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bank of sierra leone

Bank Governor Tenders Apology to the Judiciary

By Amin Kef-Ranger In an emerging issue in which it was reportedly stated by the Awoko Newspaper that the Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone, Professor Kaifala Kallon on the 9th June, 2021 allegedly made a deriding statement against...

Financial Secretary Writes Bank Governor

Dear Governor, IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROVISION ON EXEMPTION OF GOODS AND SEVICES (GST) TAX ON FINANCIAL SERVICES IN THE FINANCE ACT 2021 We refer to our correspondence of 5h January, 2021 on the above subject and would like to bring to...

Bank of Sierra Leone Warns the Public Against Illegal Foreign Exchange

By Ranger In a statement released by the Bank of Sierra Leone on the 21st August, 2020 it was declared that the financial institution is gravely concerned about reports of counterfeit dollar notes being circulated within Sierra Leone as recently...

Coronavirus Threat… Central Bank Applies Counter Inflationary Measures

A Commentary By Ranger Along with the fear that corona, which many of our uneducated brothers and sisters pronounce wrongly may enter the country, comes the Central Bank Governor’s fear that if the appropriate monetary measures are not put in...

No More Black Market For The Dollar Boys


Government to Decide Over Using the Leone or Eco

Government of Sierra Leone has made it categorically clear that the pending decision by member countries of the West African Monetary Zone would determine its position on the West Africa single currency, Eco. The Bank of Sierra Leone on January...
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