Slim Nation CEO MarkMuday Watalara Breaks His Silence



Contrary to the wide spread rumour and postings on Social Media that Sierra Leone’s Finest and leading R&B Star, who now doubles as CEO-SLIM NATION MARKMUDAY WATERLARA was driven from his former Record Label K.M.E. is baseless.

After series of investigations and interrogations made by concerned members of the Music Industry, Managers, DJs, Promoters and music loving fans from all sectors, information gathered so far by this writer renders all the allegations false and far from the truth.

In a bid to get to the truth of the matter, this writer (Aminata Conteh) who has so much concern for this fine gentleman as a result of the passion and vision she saw in him as not only the finest R&B Singer SL has ever produced, but also for the courage and aspirations he has for actualizing his own dreams. She had an exclusive engagement with Markmuday about his decision and he had this to say:

“Many are of the opinion that I was driven from K.M.E. but I may like to use this platform to inform the entire Nation that I wasn’t driven from K.M.E neither did I go into fight with anyone.”

“First of all, I went on signing for K.M.E with a dialogue expectation well known by Kabaka himself and of which nothing of such expectations were met at the end of the day, even though I tried making notifications several times but to no avail-my December 2nd 2018 posting is my reference (Popularity without nothing to show is not success)”.

“Nevertheless, it was a great and Historic moment working with Kabaka in Actualizing his dream in Promoting SL Music through the Record Label K.M.E, which I served as a key and corner stone in making that dream become reality.

“We all have our individual goals and dreams to Achieve one day, it might be now or later, through someone you know or a stranger, but that’s just the fact of the matter.”

“I MARKMUDAY WATERLARA hereby and herein addressing you all this moment with great courage and determination in not only putting SL Music to the world map, but as well promote young Sierra Leonean Talents. I want to build my own empire, Empower and Promote Vulnerable Youths outhere on Street as a Humanitarian”.

Enti Wuna Sεf Dɔn Yεri From De Man E Sεf, E Lεf To Wuna All Now Waε Believe In Markmuday For Continue Wuna Strong En Endless Support For See Say E Succeed In E Dreams For Put Salone Music Nar D Map Through E Yɔne Record Label-SLIM NATION.

Stay Tune For More As We Unfold The Best Of What You Would Want To Know About Slim Nation-Markmuday Waterlara.

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