Sierra Leone children and youth organisations deeply concerned over Amb. Hussain Muckson Sesay’s Detention


Press Release
13 May 2020

Sierra Leone children and youth organisations deeply concerned by the Police arbitrary arrest and detention of Child Rights Activist Amb. Hussain Muckson Sesay, and call for his immediate release.

We have received very worrying reports about the arbitrary arrest and detention by the Sierra Leone Police of a prominent child rights activist Ambassador Hussain Muckson Sesay, a current student of FBC and former Secretary-General of the Children’s Forum Network (CFN) – a child led organisation.

The report is that Muckson was arrested and detained on the 3rd May 2020 because he allegedly shared a message with a picture on social media, taken during police investigation of an unrelated case at the CID. According to his lawyer Mr Melron Nicol-Wilson, Muckson has vehemently denied the allegation. The presumption of innocence is the legal principle that Muckson is considered innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of law.

The Sierra Leone Police have not provided any credible information for Muckson’s arrest and detention to his family, friends or the general public. We note that Muckson has been held in very difficult conditions with little or no food and no medication. Muckson is currently unwell and we are worried about his wellbeing. The continued detention of Muckson without bail is a violation of his human rights and abuse of power by the Sierra Leone Police.

Ambassador Hussain Muckson Sesay is 19 years of age, studying Engineering at Fourah Bay College. He was a dedicated member of the Children’s Forum Network and contributed greatly towards the cause of promoting children’s rights in Sierra Leone. In September 2016, Muckson represented the children of Sierra Leone at the 73rd Session of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, in Geneva, Switzerland. Muckson is an emerging young leader with huge potential to contribute to the development of Sierra Leone.

It is very unfortunate for the young man to be treated in such an unfair manner. Children and young people from across the country and from different Children and Youths Organisations including associate members of the Children’s Forum Network-CFN have expressed serious concerns about Muckson’s safety and well-being amidst this COVID 19 pandemic.

We therefore call on national and international organisations including civil society and human rights organisations to quickly investigate this matter and help secure the immediate release of Amb. Hussain Muckson Sesay.

We urge the Sierra Leone Government to take action and provide support to Muckson. We want Muckson to be admitted to bail, pending further investigation.


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