Recognizing the Efforts of Health Workers… Sierra Network Foundation Donates Food Items to Connaught Hospital

Recognizing the Efforts of Health Workers…

Sierra Network Foundation Donates Food Items to Connaught Hospital

By Ranger

The Sierra Network Charity Foundation (SNCF) from Sierra Network Media living in the diaspora on Friday, 10th July 2020, presented food and other assorted items to the management of Connaught Teaching Hospital, in recognition of their relentless efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

Delivering the presentation, Madam Haja Fanta Kakay, Chairlady of the Charity, explained that the Foundation was formed by a Sierra Leonean family in the diaspora to help people in need and in recognition of the good work the health workers in Sierra Leone have been doing in the fight against the coronavirus that has ravaged the whole world, they thought it fit to extend their hand to the hospital and show their appreciation. She further told her audience that they have distributed hygiene materials including face masks to hospitals in the East End of Freetown, to the less privileged people around the Eastern Police Station and other areas, so as to help people fight the disease.

She stated that in consultation with Dr. Balde, they were able to visit the Connaught Hospital to offer the little gesture, which is worth a little over Le15 million. She expressed appreciation to the health workers, whom she described as the front line workers in the fight against the virus and admonished them to continue the good work. Among the items donated were, 30 bags of rice (25kg), 7bags of sugar, 15 cartons of cooking oil, 15 cartons of tin tomatoes, bottles of Grafton water and Sierra Juice.

Receiving the items on behalf of the Connaught Hospital, Dr. Bawoh, Senior Pharmacist, expressed deep appreciation to the Foundation, maintaining that the gesture is very big in their eyes as it demonstrates an appreciation for the work they are doing in the fight. He assured her that the items will be evenly distributed across the board and no one will be left behind. He furthered that a list will be presented to Management for an even distribution of the items, so that every department in the hospital, including cleaners will benefit.

Mohamed Yokie, Hospital Secretary, on his part told the donor that he is representing the Hospital Manager, who was attending another engagement and would not be present for the ceremony, but that he sends his appreciation and thanks to them. He reechoed the view of Dr. Bawoh that Management will ensure that every department will benefit from the gesture. He also showed extreme appreciation for the recognition by the Foundation of their services to humanity and stressed that this donation will further fuel their determination to engage the invisible enemy that has plagued the whole world.

The meeting was climaxed with a symbolic handing over of the items to Dr. Bawoh.

It could be recalled that the Sierra Network Charity Foundation on April 3, 2020 supported the nation in the fight against COVID-19, by donating 20 handwashing stations with veronica buckets to the Portee and Rokupa communities. The donation was sponsored by Abraham A. Akempta (Triple-A), founder and CEO of SNM; and Isatu Kakay-Diallo, Lead Director for the Sierra Network Charity Foundation (SNCF). The members of the Foundation sensitized residents of these two communities about the precautionary measures needed to protect themselves their families, the communities they live in, and the country as a whole.

SNM and SNF emphasized that it is paramount, for citizens to adhere to all precautionary measures that are in place by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Government of Sierra Leone in the fighting against Covid-19.

With that statement and mission in mind, SNM and SNCF went further by donating five set of 200-liter Milla tank handwashing stations at different locations starting with the Waterloo Health Clinic, Kissy Ferry Terminal, across the ferry in Lungi, Eastern Police, and PZ central business district, as these are among the busiest parts of the country. Thirty-two members from the SNF sponsored the Milla tank donations to ensure that Sierra Leoneans are taking hand washing very seriously in combating COVID-19.

On that note and recommendation, officials at Sierra Network Charity Foundation (SNCF) from Sierra Network Media living in the diaspora donated 5,000 cloth facemasks to support the nation in the fight against Covid-19 on Friday May 1, 2020.

SNCF targeted the following communities with facemask donations: Waterloo business district, Rokel container community, Rogbangba Hastings, Rokupa, Portee, Brima Lane, Ferry junction, Eastern Police, and PZ central business district. In addition, the following communities were also targeted: King Jimmy market area, Lumley junction, Regent, Bombay market, Mammy Yoko Street, Wellington Old Road Market, Allentown, Jui Junction, Shell Company Kissy, Murray Town, Tombo Park Ataya Base, etc. Other communities that were targeted include Bumbuna, Makeni, BO, Kenema, Moyamba, Bike riders at Gaza Hill, H.E.P.P.O at Pademba road, Ministry Of Health & Sanitation and the Freetown City Council.

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