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QCell, Africell and Orange – Customer Care

Sallu Kamuskay

Salone Messenger

After given up hope in trying to get back my phone that slipped from my pocket in a taxi yesterday at around 11 am on my way to a meeting down town. Worst, Was when I called at around 7 pm and the thief finally told me I was disturbing him!. I laughed and finally gave up on my phone. My next move was to have my numbers replaced and also use the opportunity to register my orange number.


My first stopped was at the QCELL office around 12 : 00 PM, in my country, when you don’t put on coat, or not having expensive phone with you, you are not treated well, even as customer, they just don’t value you. When I entered the office at Wilberforce Street, I head straight to one of the counter and sat, three of the workers seated, 2 women and a guy playing with his phone (listening to music) I sat, hoping that somebody will immediately to attend to me, it took few minutes, then one of the lady asked me, why I was there and requested that I move to the other seat. Clearly they don’t have worker to control people to ensure that customers are treated with respect and dignity. For me, I was in need, so I did just that, seated, she asked me of why I was there, I told her I was there to replace my number and also merge my Africell number. It took them just 5 minutes and my number was replaced and the other merged. I left happily. (Though not happy with their poor reception)

Sallu Kamuskay
Salone Messenger


Africell office located little after Rawdon Street was amazing, the place clean with sweet smell, the security was neatly dressed and positioned at the door controlling customers. I went straight to the counter, the receptionist received me and asked me why I was there, I said to replace my number, I presented my ID card, she checked and later typed on the machine, less than 2 seconds, a slip came out with a code 2227 which was a number indicating the customer care to attend to me, but I have to be seated for a while whiles I wait for bell indicating my number. I waited and in two minutes, my number 2227 was on the screen. Now it was the Messenger’s turn. I went straight to the lady. She requested I write down my number plus three numbers I have been calling. I did just that, while she was trying to verify, I asked if they could help me trace if someone might have used my number in the last 48 hours. She said I had to go the police and report and later to NATCOM, I just smiled and said, even when you already know that the number is mine? Why then do we register our numbers? I wasn’t there for that, a friend had already told me the same, so I left happily and with less than 3 minutes for my Sim to be replaced.

Lastly Orange

Very disappointed I was today at the orange office, knowing fully well that they are the oldest network in the country and have changed names several times, hoping that they will be better, their workers happen to argue with me at their Rawdon street office today, let me go in detail, having left the Africell office, drenched, I came to the orange office, headed straight to the receptionist (a lady) and I told her I was there to register my number, she directed me to go left, where she was seated with no paper or a form of number or something to show when they will be attending to me, I then knew I was in Sierra Leone, I went in and I saw people seated, with some empty seats, no queue or customer care to guide me on where to seat or when they will be attending to me, I saw an empty seat at the front row, I went there and sat, seated, a young man stood after they had attended to him, so I attempted to replaced him so I could get my number registered, having seated, one of the customer care said, you just came in, you saw people seated, I said, but madam, nobody like a customer care spoke to me when I came in as to when they will attend to me and where to seat plus I realized that people are not seated in a queue, so I assumed the other customers might be there for different purposes so I had to come, my talk did not help me, I had to return back to where I was seated, feeling very UNCOMFORTABLE, with no sweet smell at the office, I almost wanted to give up on the registration and number had it not been that many know me for the number. So I had to wait, the customers I met said I was right , there should have been somebody directing us. Little after that, I saw a lady directing customers, after 5 minutes she came to me and ask me why I was there, I said to register my Sim, she directed me to lady, on my way to her, another customer stood up and came forth to the very lady I was directed to and he said he came before me, I smiled and said, I was told to go to the lady, I pleaded with him to just allow the lady to do mine and later they will attended to him after me, he accepted. The lady knew I was the one trying to correct them, she told me she doesn’t want to do my work because of my reaction (jokingly) , I pleaded with her and later gave her my ID, she collected, instead of her doing her work with no further comment, she instead reminded me of my age ( meaning I am young to stand their face) I smiled, it reminded me of me the APC and SLPP every day. One man in big ocean. I said don’t you think it’s wrong and non of your business? I ended up saying I am going to ask for the complaint box outside and drop a letter next week letting the heads know how you all treated me. Her reply sounded like they have control over the complaint box and they could easily fetch out the letters against them and throw it away. I then told her I will go to one of the radio stations and pay airtime to talk about this unfair treatment to me. With fun, I left the office. This very office was not like this couple of months ago, last year, when I came to replaced my Sim, the customer service was very good with sweet smell at the entire office, what I saw today was a complete opposite. DISAPPOINTED to say the least!

When you have a job, love it, it is difficult to get these days
best wishes,

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