President Bio Speaks Tough on Commemoration of August 14th Tragedy


“As a new Government we are determined to learn the lessons from this tragedy and that is why we are now implementing and enforcing the following measures:

• The Sugar Loaf Mountain and its environs is an Environmentally Protected Area and anyone who builds on this environmentally protected area will be prosecuted and the building structure demolished. The Ministry of Lands, Housing & the Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency will enforce the protection of this environment.

• We are Banning Stone Mining, Charcoal Burning and Fuel Wood activities in the Reserved Forest of Sugar Loaf Mountain. The Environmental Protection Agency is enforcing this as well.

•As I have said, Today is about remembering the victims of this terrible tragedy. So we are converting this tragic scene into a National Tourist Memorial Park for reflection and as a Memorial to all the Victims of this Tragedy. This National Memorial Park will ensure that We Remember all the Victims of this national Tragedy

• As a proactive and responsive Government, my Cabinet has endorsed the establishment of a National Disaster Preparedness and Management Agency. As we are the 3rd most vulnerable Country in the world at Risk to adverse Climate change, so we have to prepare ourselves for this with a National Disaster Preparedness and Management Agency”


Excerpts on President Bio’s address at the Interfaith Commemoration Service of the August 14th 2017 Tragedy

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