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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Poror Society Kidnapped Eight Workers Of Sierra Rutile Company And Their Driver

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It’s just emerged that at 02:00 am today, Tuesday, some members of the Poror Society kidnapped eight workers of Sierra Rutile Company and their driver, and forcibly initiated them into their ranks. They were on their way to work at the mine when their bus was stopped and taken away in Moriba Town which is inside both Bonthe and Moyamba Districts in southern #SierraLeone. A couple of weeks ago some Muslim leaders expressed concern over the rampant initiation of people into the Poror Society in Kenema District against their will. The government has slammed an immediate nationwide ban on all initiation into secret societies.

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  1. Despicable acts like this must never been condon and must be criticized and condemned at all level of society including government in every area of Sierra Leone. In as much as I support our tradition and cultures, I vehemently oppose the forceful initiation of our people into such a powerful secret society as the poror one of our oldest and powerful secret society in Sierra Leone.

  2. The government need to step in for any after effects because this poro society want to damage the feature of Sierra Leonenas, poro, gbagbani, bodo, all of this society need to stop their initiation activities, kinapping works and drivers is an abuse of human rights this is Madness and unlawful act of our Sierra Leone leaders especially those demot community for doing this to our Brothers and sisters resently the same thing happened in Tonkolili district tens of young teenager lost their lives for no good reason Mr president this your time to hold residents minister accountable for this particular issues, How can Sierra leonenas treat their fellow citizens like a slave what is the benefit of poro, gbagbani, and modo society, Mr president try to save ours people,

    • Anyway Guys!. The secret societies that you mentions above, will never be bann or eradicate. They are part and pencils of our various cultures, customs and traditions on which Sierra Leone is solidly built upon. I personally, did not belong to any of the above secret societies.. You know guys, generally, the Whiteman had taken all most all from us in Africal. The only things that remains, that they are unable to take are, our customs, cultures and traditions. For me personally, I would like the government of our beloved mama Salone, to regulates them, by imposing laws, and restrictions on which they will operate on, But completely banding them, noooo way. You know guys, some of us living at home or abroad especially in the Western world. Usually miss understood the Western world and comparing them to Sierra Leone, Africa. The West. However bad their ways are, they are allways proud of them, and ready to defend them to the last. You guys out there, think Sierra Leone or Africa will become or adopt a western ways of life? Nooo Waaay! Guys, let make proposals that can make our ways better, instead proposing to completely banding them. I am a wide reader and I have live in Germany(Europe for 21 years. I am well integrate in their society. If we Sierra Leoneans calling for complete band and eradicate our cultures and traditions, then what authentic about us, that we can boast of? So finally guys, let help make suggestions that will makes our way more better. Instead of calling for a complete band.

  3. I am appealing to the Sierra Leone Government to Ban secret societies and enforce the Ban. The Government must do something about this situation. Secret Societies has been above the law in Sierra Leone Since day one. Which is very Bad.

  4. What kind of nonsense and foolishness is this????? In full support of the band!!! This nonsense must be put to stop.
    We are in a day and age wherein such is not forced but rather a choice for people to make.

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