Petroleum Directorate – Press Release


Press Release
9 August 2017

The Petroleum Directorate is pleased to announce that, following a successful collaboration with TGS Nopec, ownership of a series of 3D seismic surveys acquired by TGS under a multi-client agreement has now reverted to the Petroleum Directorate. The surveys include the Blocks 4 & 5 survey (2008), the Blocks 3, 4A, 4B / 4A Extension (2011 / 14) and the merged Fusion 3D dataset. The location of these 3D volumes is illustrated below.

These surveys are now available to view at the Data Room in PDSL offices in Freetown, and are available to license by companies wishing to evaluate the exploration prospectivity of Sierra Leone.

The Petroleum Directorate wishes to thank TGS Nopec for its work in helping to promote E&P opportunities in Sierra Leone to the oil industry, and notes that TGS retains rights to promote regional 2D seismic datasets.

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