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Over 90% Of Students Who Took WASSCE In Sierra Leone Failed

Urgent need for a National Conference on education. We don’t need a band-aid let alone a bandage. We don’t need a placebo either. We need proper diagnosis and treatment of our crumbling education sector.

Let’s meet as a nation. We have some bright brains here and abroad. Let them lead the process regardless of political party affinity. Let the parties step forward. Recent public exams results are a manifestation of a rot that’s been there for long years. Kids demonstrating on the streets and sending out insulting social media messages simply because the screw was tightened on them to stop them from cheating in exams. Decadent!! Despicable!!

Not all of us can afford to send our kids to Ghana or Europe and America for schooling – some even for primary and secondary school education. Poverty and the lack of education are not just a social issue. They are a security issue as well. If you think you’re comfortable because you can afford sending your children abroad to get an education and so you don’t care, think again!

The poor and uneducated ones will forever threaten your peace, security and existence. I ask again: where is our Parliament??


_Umaru Fofana_

This year’s WASSCE results are a true reflection of the state of education in Sierra Leone. The performance is appalling, but and I’m happy that the true picture is unfolding. We’ve been peppering over cracks for a while, and destroying the futures of thousands of children by manufacturing results for them. Let the reality sink: our educational system needs fixing. And the first step is to ensure that those who don’t work hard don’t go beyond their station. Beyond hard work, there’s need for increasing investment in education, including by providing teaching and learning materials, effective leadership and governance in schools and diligent supervision at home. #Up4QualityEducation

Culled from Chukuemeka Taylor

I really dont understand how the Government can be held to be directly responsible for students failing the WASCE.The preparation for WASCE spans 3 years.Some students continue to do well in a sea of falling standards.Congratulations to them that did well. That 5% of students who took the exams and who aced the same need to be recognised and given scholarships. They are the ones for whom free quality education is ti be reserved. THEY give me renewed hope that reality is setting in…..we have a national moral issue.

The status quo for cheating had been common place.

What is the Government s direct role in how a student is taught?? how does the Government impact how that student studies etc? Better still,does the Government set the questions for the examination?

Sometime in 2013, I was part of a committee that examined complaints into malpractices at the Sierra Leone Law school. Out of 100 plus students called to the Bar at that time only 15 genuinely made the passing score.The excuses were many but it was a defining moment for me. i e that corruption was embedded in the education system and that parents students and some administrators were complicit.

Early this year, social media had videos making the rounds about students “complaining” that the authorities had made it difficult for students to cheat.They used all sorts of derogatory words against the Head of State and urged him to repeal the free education project he had instituted.

Let me say this…I am not a fan of the Free Education programme of this Govt. I have my reservations. I believe that free quality education should be merit based and / or tied with Government s developmental objectives . For example,free education to children of farmers servicemen teachers etc……..

But I digress, why the hypocrisy now? Why blame the government whose goal has been to lift the economic burden of the cost of education universally.

Students and parents need to be grateful. Teachers need to go back to the draw board.Each of them have a role to play.

I aced my O levels back in the day.It was purely hard work.The salaries of teachers were at an all time low then.We had many school terms interrupted by state coups strikes etc.We didnt have reliable electricity. We used candles or lanterns to study.1The economy was tough to disallow us from establishing “study camps”. We had little social distractions.My parents would never have conceived sourcing ” leakages”for me.

Yet still some students failed.Many have always failed failed.Invariably,many of those who failed were the ones with trousers below the waistline…..whose study materials were folded and tucked in their back pocket.

Students need to learn that learning is hard work…
and a lot of sacrifice. That Nigerian movie, that network of friends; whatss app facebook etc could be a distraction. Educational institutions are not solely meant for establishing recreational clubs. It is cool to love books and to study for hours. It really is. I m living the life I studied hard to achieve. I can write well because I read a lot.I was schooled here all the way from primary to tertiary to graduate to post graduate not too long ago.

Grab your books and study hard.Be the change you want your society to be…….

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