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National Grand Coalition Welcomes Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella (In Pictures)

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  1. It indeed time for Sierra Leone to be a priority and the NGC is the only party with credibility to move the country forward. I left Sierra Leone 40 years ago and it has regress exponentially.Fourah Bay College was first place of employment Bong Mining Company was my second. You will see the disparities from all perspectives. Let’s have faith in KKY; for 56 years both parties took the people for granted. In psychology there is an adage that states “the best prediction of a future behavior is the past behavior “, the parties will not improve the lives of the people because the only thing they have perfected all these years is to enrich themselves and now they have the audacity to ask to be voted back into office. If you have forgotten let me remind you once again about their dereliction of their duties, the Ebola exposed how weak the health care infrastructure was and still is, secondly the recent mudslides that occurred in Freetown and areas adjacent. Who allowed developers to construct houses in those high risk areas?

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