NASSIT Celebrates Pensioners Birthdays


“Pensioners are senior citizens, they are our treasure and as a nation we should respect, revere and adore them”

Director General NASSIT, Mohamed Fuaad Daboh, made this passionate appeal to his staff on the occasion of the pensioners’ birthdays celebration organised by Trust on Saturday, 10th August, 2019 at the West Region Office, Wallace Johnson Street in Freetown.

This auspicious occasion, which brought together Management, staff and pensioners of NASSIT, was geared towards acknowledging the contributions made by those senior citizens to the development of the country, and to demonstrate the value the current Director General and team place on these retirees.

In his address to the Pensioners, the Director General thanked them for accepting his invitation, and for giving NASSIT the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays with them.

“Today’s celebration is in recognition of your contribution to the state and the NASSIT Scheme. We value your contribution to this country as Senior citizens, and hope for a brighter future”, Mr. Fuaad Daboh emphasised.

He apologized to the pensioners for any error or delay that might occur during the processing and payment of their benefits. He assured them that going forward such errors will be eradicated and the processing and payment of pensions will be prompt and seamless.

The Director General told the pensioners that his management was working assiduously to ensure that an automated pension system became operational in Sierra Leone.

Delivering her vote of thanks, Madam Linda Kawa expressed her profound gratitude to the Director General, Management and Staff of NASSIT for the honour bestowed upon them and the high quality of service they were receiving from the Trust.

She said, “Gone are those days when Commercial Banks relegate pension payment to the ebb of their operations. By the 25th of every month, pensions are credited in the accounts of Pensioners. Although the amount is still small, the timely payment makes it possible for pensioners to budget for the month and live a planned and prestigious life”.

She concluded by acknowledging the value placed on them as pensioners, adding that they as retirees most times forget their birthdays, not to talk of celebrating them. “Even where we want to celebrate, we have to spend our money to prepare food and serve invitees, but today through NASSIT, we have been reminded and have celebrated without spending a dime”, she concluded

She called on her colleagues to make available to NASSIT the right information and conduct themselves in the right manner for the good of the country.

Thirteen pensioners were selected at random from among those pensioners whose birthdays fell between January and June this year.

Birthday plaques and gift packages were given to every celebrant.