My True Story On Mobile Network Companies In Sierra Leone


Only in this country people could be treated as big fools by those so call powerful investors and business tycoons whose main intentions are to depress and suppress citizens who are subscribers to their services with the fundamental notion of making huge sums of money from their genuine consumers whilst deliberately ignoring what suits them in that line of business.

It is evidently explicit that the poor mobile coverage scenarios have become a crucial concern and challenge for most subscribers if not all who are belonging to either AIRTEL or AFRICELL. I of the opinion that our government has succumb willfully to these unjust mobile companies and I am quite sure that these mobile networks are yet to meet the international Telecom standards and those local criteria or rules set forthwith by NATCOM to follow and in reverse render eminent services to their subscribers which have being diminish overtime.

Worst of it all, these mobile companies are strongly embarking on denting the effort of their clients who earns a little in order to purchase some credit to make calls and to some extent are constantly stealing credits from their phones without notifications and considerations to that of their economic status while also steadfastly providing poor internet and call services to their clients of which I am a key victim. Consequently, all of those blames have being poured on our government for simply rejecting its citizens proposal and for not adhering nor listen to the cry of the citizens govern and why must that be anyways?

NATCOM should be seen increasing it valor towards these issues of mobile providers in the country otherwise it would reach a time when clients including me will no longer bear these burdens from those mobile companies because most of their deeds are seen intentional and that the government ministry whose sole responsibility is to seek the welfare of its citizens has being disrupted in it operation by some unpatriotic people who wanted to enrich themselves and that the consumers are politely requesting the ministry to step up to that task. I pause here for now…

©Deej Real