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My Humble Advice, Mr President – Madam Olufemi Claudius-Cole

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Humble advice Mr President.
To investigate any protest.

  1. Investigate promptly
  1. Hold judgement/blame until all the facts are in.
  2. In setting up a committee, choose members who are NOT appointed at your pleasure, or have already stated a position.
  3. The members must investigate, dialogue, engage and interview widely, the security sector, the youths, the women, and the magistrates that are adjudicating/sentencing, and those incarcerated.
  4. To ascertain the WHY and the how.

Why protest? Who ordered the use of live bullets? Who, where and when were people arrested, and what were the incriminating pieces of evidence collected? Review the pathology reports. Why clandestine burial of the dead? Etc etc.
If you investigate objectively, you will find answers, and systems could be put in place to ensure our peace and stability.
You, Sir, are father for all, not some.



It’s A committee, not THE committee.

The committee set up to investigate the protest of august 10 is just another sad waste of taxpayers’ money. The constitution of such a committee could only succeed if its members are independent with no strings that attach them to the government and the security sectors. The composition as it exists is anything but independent. Many of its members serve at the pleasure of his excellency. The chairman Emmanuel S Abdulai wears so many govt hats, its a wonder he can keep track of who he serves, he seems to be everywhere, Lawyer for ECSL, Chair of Procurement review panel, “Chief prosecutor” IMC, consultant for PPRC’s act.
Many on that committee by their signed press releases, and positions held, had made it abundantly clear that they toed the line of the President and had reached a verdict before initiating any investigation. Working from the answer to the sum is always a bad idea.
A biased committee such as this will merely produce a report that provides the theme song to the President’s lyrics.



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