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MRC AND MTCA Institute Visiting/Research Fees To Museums and Bunce Island

Consistent with their mandate to develop and promote heritage tourism in the country, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and the Monuments and Relics Commission have instituted visiting/research fees for accessing selected cultural sites namely Bunce Island, Sierra Leone National Museum and National Railway Museum effective 1st November, 2017.
This move is geared towards harnessing the socio-economic potentials of its cultural heritage assets in a bid to increase the contribution of the cultural heritage sector to the economy.
The Commission is the heritage preservation and management agency charged with the responsibility to “provide for the preservation of ancient, historical and natural monuments, relics and other objects of archaeological, ethnographical, historical or other interests.”
Sec 16 (1) 1 & 2 of the Monuments and Relics Act (1962) gives powers to the Commission to make bye-laws to regulate access of the public to any monuments, relics, ethnographical articles —– which are ‘under its control’ ; and to fix and collect fees from the public for accessing selected sites.
Students, pupils and locals would pay a minimal fee whilst foreign visitors pay more to access the facilities. This development has been communicated to the major stakeholders in the sector.
The fees schedule are as follows


  • Adults (Local) – Le 5,000
  • Adults (Foreign) $ 5
  • Pupils primary Le 1,000
  • Pupils (JSS/SSS) Le 3,000
  • University/Tertiary Le 4,000

Research Fees

  • Adults (Local) Le 20,000
  • Adults (Foreign) $ 25
  • Uni/T’tiary (Local)Le 10,000


  • Adults (Local) Le 35,000
  • Children (Local) Le 15,000
  • Adults (Foreign) $ 10
  • Children (Foreign) $ 5
  • Pupils (Local) Le 5,000
  • Uni/T’tiary stdnts Le 25,000
  • All children under 5 – Free

For further information
Please contact
The Finance Unit of
Monuments and Relics Commission
23 Pultney Street, Freetown Tel: +232 78 678664

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