Monuments and Relics Commission and Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs take heritage education to Bo


The Monuments and Relics Commission and the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs are currently in the Southern city of Bo District to establish heritage clubs in ten secondary schools.

This is part of ongoing efforts to preserve Sierra Leone’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

The Commission and the Ministry are particularly concerned about the continued depletion of the nation’s intangible heritage due to globalization, modernization and technology.

“There is no way we can save our heritage if we exclude the youths. School children are the ambassadors of our culture and heritage.” noted Charlie Haffner, the MRC Chair.

Minister of Tourism, Memunatu Pratt says “heritage preservation is central to the protection of the nation’s cultural resources and children are the custodians of our culture.”

In 2017, the Monuments and Relics Commission piloted ten heritage clubs in Freetown, hence the need to replicate same in the provinces.

The clubs would be doing series of activities and cultural heritage programmes aimed at preserving both the tangible and intangible heritage.

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Mohamed Faray Kargbo
Education and Outreach Unit
Monuments and Relics Commission
23 Pultney Street, Freetown
[email protected]