Fellow Sierra Leoneans, it is with a heavy heart that I send you this message following the sad event today, Tuesday August 29th 2017. The headquarter’s office of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) wax gutted in a fire.

I know that all of you are in pain and feel at loss but I want to assure you that all is not lost. In fact my resolve to stand up for you and what is good for our country has been further strengthened by this despicable act.

My heart goes out to the owner of the property that has been destroyed today and I pray that God gives him the courage to bear the loss and makes provision for greater opportunities to come his way.

You may think we are down today and have been rendered powerless by the hands of the wicked but we must be strong and steadfast in our quest.

We owe our existence to those Sierra Leoneans who may not be as lucky as we are to have the opportunity to stand up and fight for a better life and future for them, and generations yet unborn.

We cannot give up now because if we do, we would have wiped the ink of our dreams for a better Sierra Leone written on the new pages we have turned.

We cannot afford to let our dreams die because of a single act of desperate wickedness by our detractors.

We must rise above this as the phoenix and Keep our eyes on the sparrow.

We owe that to all those poor Sierra Leoneans who lost their lives to the scourge of Ebola when we could have saved them. Those who we lost in the recent Mudslide and Flash Flood when we could have prevented their deaths.

We cannot give up now. We have to fight and fight again till our last breathe for a better Sierra Leone.

As I write I am on my way to Segbwema to attend a court sitting in a case I have no business with but have been thrust into because of my sacrifice to the people of this nation and God willing I will emerge unscathed and we shall all triumph

This is the beginning of our walk to victory and as the old adage, no pain no gain, says, we must bear the pain we are feeling now as the gain will be greater.

Long live ADP. Long Live Sierra Leone. God bless you.

Mohammed Kamarainba Mansaray
Leader and Presidential candidate. Alliance Democratic Party (ADP)