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Message From John Bonoh Sisay

I would like to congratulate Dr Samura Kamara and his running mate Mohamed Chernor Bah upon selection as the flag bearer for the All People’s Congress party in the just ended APC Convention of this weekend. I congratulate all party executives, delegates and aspirants for the peaceful, credible, efficient and successful manner in which the selection process of our internal contests was carried out.

I assure you that the Join 4 Betteh Salone movement and I will do all within our power to give you utmost support for the betterment of our party and Sierra Leone in general.

I am proud of our people. I am proud of our party. I will continue to work with our party to secure the presidency in March 2018.

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Whilst in the world as the Leader of our political party, All Peoples’ Congress (APC), I, Siaka Probyn Stevens (Bandale) was inspired to do exploit, regarding the socio-economic malaise then fraught by the people; and also gave the political chess game a new face seen as “Afrocracy”, an inclusive African political model, which governance system not limited to any particular regions and tribes. And this is the legacy I left for continued governance.
And as one of the founders of the APC Party, my name, Pa Siaki Bandale Stevens became an attractive fragrance of hope and development, which legacy or foundation Ernest Bai Koroma built on to promote the Agenda for Change and Prosperity. The uniqueness of my leadership and governance ability carved the road-path for the country’s continued economic prosperity.
Being so aged in the grave now, and having heard about the current twist in my party’s internal politics, I was awakened by its dynamics and then decided to speak out even though my voice seemed raspy but the message comprehendible.
In remembrance of us, the departed souls, founding fathers and other party stalwarts, and on behalf of them all, I am therefore making a humble request for a memorial service to be held, climaxed by praises, worships and prayers ministrations on the day the party was founded. The venues will be at State House (Executive), Parliament (Legislative) and Law Court (Judiciary) at different times on the same day.
Regarding the political revolution in the party, it is all geared to strengthen the solid foundation of the governance goodwill, on which the party’s hegemony built; and which is not expected to be shaken or destroyed by any opposing wind or storm
The APC Party is the social and economic solution or curative to the country’s predicament. This is evidenced by assertive authority, matured leadership, social and economic transformation and infrastructure development.
On behalf of my person and comrades, I, Pa Siaki Bandale, now speaking from the grave, calling on the current leadership of the party, to also do the necessary adjustment on the party’s symbol, to reflect the increase made in the Northern region districts. This is to continue and consolidate power hegemony. And Power symbolizes RED; and it is the colour of hope and development.
Let it be noted that we have already held the 7th March 2018 elections in the world beyond between my person, Siaka P Stevens as presidential candidate for APC and others political parties, including the traditional and emerging parties, and my party (APC) was victorious with 57.8%. The victory was attributed to the peculiar values of the party, as an institution of political novelty and socio-economic disparity in terms of balanced development initiatives.

A: APC Party is a grassroot political institution that is development oriented with inclusive political participation. Proactive and innovative Actions, Progress and Commitments are the party’s institutional values.
L: Led by the ideology of constructive nationalism and patriotic leadership, the hope of the people will not be dashed in oblivion
L: Leadership mantle of political governance is from God; and must therefore be carried out by divine instruction and direction

P: Positive change, progressive economic transformation and sustainable development are the leadership commandments of the party
E: Effective participation or tireless commitment is the spirit in APC Party. This shows that what concerns everybody must be every body’s interest.
O: Over the years to date, the party’s governance systems have been evidence-based, notwithstanding the inherent challenges faced.
P: Party politics has its dynamics of solidarity and divergence but must be handled with consensus bond of harmony for the sake of party victory. In the APC, for every contest based on election or selection, no body is a loser; all is a winner.
L: Let the leadership of the party lead by divine wisdom, to ensure the actualisation of its manifesto agenda, geared to improve the socio-economic welfare of the people and posterity
E: Ensure that the party’s manifesto also addresses the needs of youths, disables and women. This can be done by designing and formulating a microfranchaise model, a global solution to poverty, to be implemented by the line MDAs.
S: Social justice and economic liberalization are the functional variables of the party’s political ideology, of constructive nationalism that builds the foundation of its leadership style of socialist democracy
C: Concentrate on issues that add value to the leadership and goodwill to the party, as the people’s expectations are high.
O: Opportunities and local appropriate technologies are to be provided to the youths to exhaustively address the problems of youth unemployment and societal ills (drug abuse, crime, rape and violence)
N: Notwithstanding the prevailing global economic quagmire that has had a related effect in our domestic economy, but with the exemplary stewardship of Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara and surrogate, Chernor Maju Bah (Cherricco) in governance, the land will once again be blessed and the people’s welfare improved.
G: Greatness is the party’s history, which must be preserved, protected and consolidated by continued political governance
R: Revive the traditional grassroot political mobilisation drive and its conventional strategies to ensure total dominance in the political chess game countrywide; with oneness, commitment and solidarity for a common goal.
E: Ever and never in the history of Sierra Leone politics, is our Party after being in power subdued its political hegemony to any other party through the ballot box. The people normally came out amass to vote unprecedentedly for the party, which is also expected on 7th March 2018, because Power hegemony is synonymous to APC.
S: Sincerity and thoroughness in decision making and patriotic radicalism are to be the leadership guide of state governance in order for the country recover from the wounds, pains and shocks of the war, Ebola endemic and Mudslide effects.
S: Steadfastness in leadership action and decision-making must be free from personal interest, as the governance mantle has varied specifications of interests, loyalties and temptations. However, the interest of Mama Sierra Leone must be at the premium.

Long live APC, Long Live Mama Salone
Long live APC, Long Live Mama Salane

Cc: Sorie Ibrahim Koroma (S I)
Christian Alusine Kamara –Taylor (C A)
Pa Kallay, Nancy Steel and other Party Stalwarts

By Dura Koroma (Daddy)

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