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Members of APC accost and violently assault Western Region Coordinator, Alpha Saidu Bangura at his sister’s Funeral – Ministry Of Information

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Members of APC accost and violently assault Western Region Coordinator, Alpha Saidu Bangura at his sister’s Funeral

It has come to the knowledge of the Strategic Communications Unit that our Western Region Coordinator, Alpha Saidu Bangura, was accosted and violently assaulted by purported APC supporters at the funeral of the Late Ms. Zuliatu Cooper, a former Minister in the past APC government but who also happens to be a sister to Mr. Alpha Saidu Bangura.

We now have in our possession audio and video material on the events at the scene, and reactions by certain members of the public who either witnessed the scene or have been made privy to video evidence collected at the scene.

We are aware that there has been an increase in unprecedented and unwarranted attacks, both physical and verbal, on people working for the state by opposition elements, especially members of the main opposition, All People’s Congress (APC) and we consider these as casting a very long shadow on future events, especially the forthcoming political campaigns and national elections. We believe that such developments may metamorphose into large scale disruptions to the peace and decorum of the state and challenge peaceful coexistence between opposing parties as we approach the national elections.

In view of the above, the Strategic Communications Unit at the Ministry of Information and Communications wants to totally condemn this despicable act and would premise its reaction to it by stating clearly that this will not go unaddressed, and we will pursue every possible legal means to ensure those who were involved in the act are identified and brought to book.


Abu Bakarr Joe Sesay

National Coordinator
Strategic Communications Unit

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