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Meet Aishatu Doudhal Jalloh, A Young Female Painter From Sierra Leone

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By: Sallu Kamuskay( Salone Messenger) 

20-year-old Aishatu Doudhal Jalloh is a young painter and co-founder of the Bondumi art company working from Sierra Leone.  Aishatu is also the founder of the isa’sclothingline In a field largely dominated by men and disparaged by onlookers, Aishatu is determined to make a name for herself in her chosen field.  

At age 4, Aishatu Doudhal Jalloh started drawing, whenever she is at school or at home studying, she would always find time to draw and present it as a gift to her friends at school. she grew interested in drawing and started getting food from her friends in school who could give her food in return for her to draw for them. Her friends mostly use her drawings to present to their friends whenever they have birthdays.  

This was Aishatu’s beginning as a painter. As her interest in drawing grew, her desire to be better also grew. Her fiancé who’s also a painter would create beautiful artwork and get credit for them. But Aishatu on the other hand was doing it for her personal amusement. 

At age 16, Aishatu started painting, she didn’t go to any school or university to learn painting, during an interview with Ipro Multimedia, she said “ I didn’t learn painting, it’s just a talent from God” Aishatu loves the fact that painting is creation, it involves bringing life into a plain canvass.  

After Aishatu completed high school, she decided to turn her art into a business, to earn a living from it. Though still a student, she nurses hopes of finding and connecting with the right people to enable her to meet her goals, including her dream of teaching others about art. She team up with her fiancé started a company called Bondumi art, bringing young emerging painters from across the country to showcase their artwork. They are currently embarking on an Annual art exhibition which is intended to bring young emerging painters from across the country to showcase their work.  

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- Freetown - Waterloo Highway -spot_img

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