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Mayor OF Freetown Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr Speaks Out

I just had a most unfortunate and unpleasant altercation with the Deputy Minister MLGRD and the PA of the Minister MLGRD. I was accused of sabotaging national cleaning day. The altercation appears to be because of the trucks that we could not verify last cleaning day and therefore could not pay for. Mysteriously, the truck contractor who had been very supportive and collaborating with FCC this morning, stopped taking any callls about 2 hours before the altercation. Earlier this morning the contractor was on the phone with me assuring me that all the trucks would be on time and thanking FCC for giving him advance funds for fuel even though that is not stipulated in his contract. I am shaken. I remain fully committed to supporting the President’s vision for national cleaning day and to working with central government as I have been doing all along. FCC will ensure that the city is cleared before the day ends. Kind regards Mayor

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