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LXG Got Stranded At US Airport And Rejected To Enter US

There’s always two sides to a story this is just one side till we get the other side of LXG, in the main time December 24th 2018 LXG will be at the National Stadium

I feel an urgent need to address the issue of LXG being detained by United States immigration and customs agency. I and my company, Peace Love and Unity Concert LLC had nothing do with it. Furthermore, We did not even know of their arrival, as nobody, neither the artist nor the responsible promoters informed us of their arrival in the US until. Friday after they were sitting at the airport for days. It breaks my heart that LXG experienced this traumatic episode.

We started this project for the sole purpose of exposing the Sierra Leonian music industry to the international market, the USA in particular. I desire to help our country and to help our people. For the artists that have not gotten the opportunity to come, this will be a good reason for you to pay attention to; for those artists that have been given the opportunity to get three years Visa or however many months, this is a reminder: If you’re coming to the US under an entertainment Visa that we provided, please inform me that you’re coming so that if there’s any issue at US custom or border, I will be able to assist in resolving the issue.

Thank you.
Moving forward
Dorine Poawui

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