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LAJ Complains About Police Harassment And Injustuce

Prezo Koroma’s Junction captures the full story

The CEO of Red Flag Movement ( RFM ) Alhaji Amadu Bah fondly called KING BOSS LA has in a Press conference held at Salone Jamboree Conference Room this past Tuesday the 26th of February 2019 made couple of allegations against the Sierra Leone Police Force for being harassing him and also not being fear to him whenever he reports an issue to the Police for an investigation .

He made this disclosure to Journalists in Freetown so that they can disseminate his dissatisfaction against our Law Enforcing Agency to his fellow Countrymen and the rest of the world to know about the ill treatment he has been receiving from the Sierra Leone Police from February to December 2018.

The Country’s most decorated Hip Hop Star LAJ highlighted series of attacks he has been subjected to ranging from the one at Atlantic Hotel by an unidentified persons , an attack by SLPP Paopa supporters at the Lagonda Scarlet Nite Club and another attack by Kao Denero and his thugs within the precinct of the Lumley Police Station to name but few and all attacks according to him were reported to the Police but nothing came out of it.

The Prezo koroma’s Junction is all set to bring to the general populace the full coverage of WHY ALWAYS KING BOSS LAJ Official Press Briefing on Sierra Network YouTube at 6:00pm Friday 1st March 2019

Goes Live 6pm Salone Time

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