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Kroo Bay Community In Flames

Kroo Bay community went up in flames at about 2.30am today. Two fire trucks came to the scene but could not access the fire because there are no roads and the alleys are so narrow and winding. I am grateful to the community youth and the Community Disaster Management Committee who fought for hours to put out the fire using water from the sea and the gutter. A formal damage assessment will be done later today by FCC and ONS but from what I could see many homes burnt down completely. On Friday night I was with the Crabtong Lumley community as they also battled to contain a fire which destroyed 4 homes.

I am encouraged to hear the community members themselves expressing the need for restructuring and reorganization of these communities so that lives and properties are better protected. FCC will collaborate with OPII and other partners to upgrade slum communities where possible and gradually relocate others where necessary.

-Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr Mayor of Freetown


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