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Kemoh Sesay Pays Local Tax For Over 7,500 Persons In Port Loko


Kemoh Sesay pays Local Tax for over 7,500 Persons in Port Loko as he expresses desire to contest 2018 Presidential Elections

By Hassan Bruz
Northern Bureau Chief

The amount of money estimated for a total of about 7, 500 Local Taxpayers in the sister Chiefdoms of Maforki and Bekeh Loko is 45 Million Leones. This is mainly for practising Muslims and Christians that are in the Township of Port Loko who are legible to pay the Local Tax. The money was paid by the Minister of Works, Housing and Infrastructure –Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay. He first gave a cheque for 2000 Muslims in Sendugu –one of the leading sections in Maforki Chiefdom but added 3 more cheques, when he included those in Central and Old Port Loko plus the Christian Communities.
It all happened at the Sendugu Pray field, where he went to observe the Ramadan Prayers- Eiuld Fitre Prayers. The offer came as a response to the announcement of Paramount Chief Alikali Mella of Maforki Chiefdom. Such Occasions are normally used by the Paramount Chief and other Local Authorities to deliver annual massages to the Community. Pc Alikali Mella therefore used the occasion to inform his People that Port Loko has now been declared a City and Headquarters for the newly established North/ Western Region. He spoke on the need for people to pay their Local Tax and the corresponding penalties to be meted on defaulters. This was viewed by Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay as a major problem especially at this time of the year, when most family heads could hardly feed their homes. As an indigene of Port Loko himself, he was moved by the plight of the ‘have not’s who are too poor to pay. Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay in his capacity as a better placed indigene and senior cabinet minister, he saw it as an indictment. He agreed it was a genuine call especially when these taxes are being used for the development of the Chiefdoms. He accepted the indirect challenge, stood up and dished out the Cheques with the explanation that he will not sit by and allow his people to fall foul of the Law.
The Occasion was further used by Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay to put the records straight and dispel the doubts of people over his political stance. The People have persistently demanded clear and direct answers on 3 key questions. One of these was for him to ascertain the rumours that he is interested in becoming the President of Sierra Leone. The People also wanted to know from him whether he is contesting the 2018 Presidential Elections and when he would go to officially declared. Hon. Kemoh Sesay is seen by many as an action oriented person and a true patriot who has the interest of his people at heart. The People of Port Loko are of the opinion that there can be no better redeemer for them and a replacement to the indefatigable President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma –one that is capable of enhancing an overwhelming victory for the All Peoples Congress Party. They could therefore not afford to wait further for the desired answers to enable them make a decision on which way to go.
The Congregation was enthused when he said in no uncertain terms that, it is natural for Politicians to always long for Power, Money and Respect. Hon .Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay said yes, he is very much interested in becoming the President of this Country and shall make his intentions globally known at the right time. He said even though the official declaration will take place in Port Loko which is his native home, the time is not yet ripe enough simply because his boss- Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has not declared the contest open. He said the focus for now is on the task assigned to him as Minister of Works, Housing and Infrastructure. He cited a scenario of the potential dangers that are bound to befall one who prefers to force his way from his father’s house, when the doors are still closed.
Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay also used the opportunity to ask for forgiveness from all those who are of the opinion that he has angered them in one way or the other, as he forgave all those who have equally offended him in diverse ways. He said those who have not been fortunate enough to benefit from him should continue to exercise restraints for God’s time is the best. The man who was accorded deafening applaud instead of the usual Muslim aphorism of ‘Allahu Akakbarr’, said the issue of Presidency is quite an important one. He said it is not a game for jokers; rather, it should be detached from all jokes and be treated with the deserved seriousness. The Works Minister admonished the gathering to pray for President Koroma, the Government and People of Sierra Leone. He asked that special prayers be also offered for all those opting for the Presidency including himself. The scramble to have a glimpse or shake hands with Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay climaxed the occasion
The Works Minister promised to fence the Perimeter of the Sendugu Pray Field where he has already funded the construction of the ‘Mumbari’ with Gibeto Kanu as the Contractor. Meanwhile lots and lots of Imams and a cross section of their executives, Women Groups,, Young and Elderly People have streamed themselves to his New Site Residence along the Kambia Highway to pledge their unwavering support for him, where he was having a recess with his team from Freetown. This includes- Alhaji Kaita , Alhaji Osman and Hon. Ibrahim Parteh Bah of Constituency 092. It was Hon. Parteh Bah who even advised Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay to extend the offer of paying Local Tax for about 1,500 Christians in the Port Loko Town. The Member of Parliament from the Western Area/ Rural, said Islam and Christianity are the predominant religions in Sierra Leone and it would seem unfair should the Works Minister chooses to pay for the Muslims only.
Perhaps what is expected in subsequent days while awaiting for the official declaration of Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay is that all roads will again be leading to the Paramount Chief’s Compound where every Foday, Santigie and Fatu would go under the guise of either a Muslim or Christian with the ultimate aim of securing a free of cost Local Tax Receipt. Below are Photos obtained at the Sendugu Pray Field and at the residence of the Works Minister to help you imagine this year’s Eidul Fitre in Port Loko………..

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