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…I now predict that President Bio will win First Rounds but will not get 55% so a Run-Off Rounds will hold – Dr Sylvia Blyden

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Today, I will make my first tentative prediction about the outcome of the 2023 Elections. First of all, I predict that there will DEFINITELY be a Run-Off Elections for the seat of President. This prediction is based on current indicators, certain markers and with my over 30 years of experience in Salone Politics.

Furthermore, I predict that in the First Rounds of the Presidential Elections, President Maada Bio will score a little over 50% of the votes but he will NOT reach the 55% threshold.

For Parliamentary seats, I am still doing my calculations. I will make my predictions on that shortly.

You can quote me anywhere. This is my first prediction on the June 2023 Elections. I will continue updating on my predictions with deep-dive analysis by Districts as time goes on.

Since I started making my electoral predictions, keep in mind that I have NEVER gone wrong. Not even once.

Last year around this same time, I predicted that the APC will re-take the Tonkolili Sambaia Bendugu parliamentary seat from the governing SLPP in Parliament. Many disbelieved me at the time but it came to pass and the APC took the seat from the SLPP. Clearly, I’m that accurate.

I use many tools and techniques to make my accurate predictions.

Actions like the one of release of the videos of the Jihadists faction of the APC, dressed in Samura Kamara colours, to welcome and give VIP treatment to Adebayo this week, are deeply troubling and act as an indicator in my prediction work. (TO VIEW THE FULL VIDEOS, CHECK THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS FACEBOOK POST PLEASE).

Whilst many are calling on the APC Jihadists faction to denounce Adebayo the Terrorist, these videos are the response the APC Jihadists faction have sent out to such concerns. This is one marker and indicator that shows disregard for the morals and morales (feelings) of the wider citizenry.

It is not the only one. I have many markers and indicators that I use to make my accurate predictions.

President Bio will score slightly more than 50% in the First Rounds but he will NOT get the required 55% threshold so we will have to go into a Run-Off Second Rounds for the Presidential Elections.

Whilst today sees my first and tentative predictions, I don’t see these predictions changing much between now and June 24th Elections unless something deeply cataclysmic happens.

Good day everyone.

Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR
Sunday May 28th 2023.

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