Government White Paper On Report Of The Commission Of Inquiry Into The Poor Performance Of Pupils In The 2008 BECE And WASSCE


I have loved the increasing interesting discussions in education in Sierra Leone across various circles. So let’s have it.

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For us to be on the same page, I invite you to read the The Gbamanja Commission of Inquiry Report (link here- Drucil Taylor and Tunde Scott please na for read am en summarize for others). Jibril Abdul N’jai see the sections on 6-3-3-4. I also attach the first page of the White Paper itself. I want you to note when the commission was launched… 2008. That is 12 years ago!!! The White Paper itself which led to misinterpretation by the then cabinet (including the ban on pregnant girls from attending school) is from 2010. The Commission was launched because of the “poor performance of pupils in the 2008 exams”.

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What’s changed now is that we are intentional about bringing these stats and data and engagements with the people. What’s changed is that Education is a priority of the President. What’s changed is that we will use those data and engage you on our development processes.

We have postponed the Education Sector Dialogue to the week of December 7th. More details soon.