Freetown TreeTown


Yesterday, as we continue to implement the planting of 1 million trees, we started planting 13,000 trees at Orogu New Site with the help of CBOs and community members.

This phase of #FreetownTheTreeTown is funded by the World Bank through the Ministry of Finance. As our focus is to not just plant trees but to grow trees, community members and CBOs will track and ensure the growth of trees using our custom made tree tracker app.

Orugu New Site is an upper catchment area in the east of Freetown that has lost most of its vegetation in recent times. The area is in urgent need of reforestation to stabilize its slopes and prevent disasters.

Join us and plant trees! There will be a free #TreeGiveAway at Freetown City Council from Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th October – come and pick up a tree.

Let us make #FreetownTheTreeTown