Freetown City Council Complex Project(In Picture)


Basement Floor (Electrical Room,Mechanical Room, etc)

Floor 1 (Exhibition & Administrative Hall)

Floor 2 (40 desk Computer Lab complete with a Lounge)

Floor 3&4 (Auditorium linked to annex car park at Floor 3 via a corridor)

Floor 5&6 (Conference Hall, Mayor’s Parlor, Deputy Mayor’s Office, Offices for Support Staff & Visitors Gallery)

Floor 7 (18 Offices, Meeting Room, Archiving Room for FCC Personnel)

Floors 8 to12 (Additional Office Accommodation)

Floor 13 (4 Mayoral State of the Art Guest Suites)

Floor 14 (Sky Lounge, Fitness Facility, Kitchen & Canteen Complex)

Annex Building (6 Floor Car Park connecting to rare of Auditorium at the 3rd Floor)

The entire Facility will be fully furnished