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Freedom of thought and expression are important human rights values – Abdul M Fatoma

Progress or politics must not be advanced or prioritised at the expense of freedom.

The freedoms of thought and expression established by the Constitution are available to both politicians and non-politicians, including the intellectual community.

What we lack is maturity among our young or whom I may term as politicians of our generation.

They are easily moved by selfish motives and emotions. Once you have people who behave like this just know that your future political leadership is mostly going to be doomed.

I can promise you a lot has happened in the last 23 years.

People have left and formed parties but nothing has changed. People thought they were popular that if they left a named party they will win elections.

For argument’s sake for those who were not there or for those who started following politics because of social media,let reason with our minds and not our hearts.

politicians should eliminate oppression, threats and especially violence.

Peace is something which no one can buy on a silver platter; it is created by mankind, and we should all endeavour to protect it to the best of our ability.

We must also get to the place where people seeking office are held to account for the promises they make while soliciting voter support, and where opposing views are discussed in a civilised atmosphere of respect and tolerance.

I love my country Salone.
©️AM Fatoma #2019

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