27TH AUGUST 2017

The remembrance Service by the Council of churches in Sierra Leone is for victims and survivors of the Landslide that occurred on august 14th this year.

Prayers were said for those that perished and those that survived the disaster, for God’s intervention to avert any such calamity that behoves our nation.

Statements were made by Rev. Dr. John Nat-Tucker on behalf of the Roman Catholic church, and Rev. Moses F. Kanu on behalf of the Inter religious Council.

Bishop John Yambasu of the United Methodist Church, expressed the desire of the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone to collaborate with the government to prevent such disaster in the future.

A representative from Act Alliance forum, a charity organization headquarted in Geneva, Switzerland and Christian AID also made a statement.

In his sermon, President of the Methodist Conference, Reverend Arnold C. Temple, called on mourners to do some soul searching.
He Warned that building in restricted areas has consequences on the environment and man but says that the blame lies squarely on all.

The First Lady, Sia Nyama Koroma described the incident as devastating and encouraged all to put their trust in God.
The First Lady told them to obey the laws of the Land and use this unfortunate incident to take an inward look at themselves.

She sympathized with the Regent Community, relatives and friends of those that lost their lives and others affected by the disaster.

Recollecting on the day of the tragic event, the Head woman Regent village, says that when she got to the scene she could hear whaling voices and gnashing of teeth as If it were judgement day. She called on the government to provide Land for those still residing in the area to enable to move out as soon as possible.

At the site of the Landslide, the First Lady was the First to lay a wreath, followed by the various Christian denominations that make up the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone.

Fourteenth August 2017, will go down in the history books of this great nation, a nation that has in recent times suffered a trío of calamities, devastating beyond comparison.

Even as the Service is being held, hundreds of corpses lie buried under the rubbles of mount sugar loaf.

Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, all swallowed up by earths rage.
In a WFP tent pitched nearby the makeshift chapel, the names of displaced persons were being called out to collect their daily rations of food.

The once peaceful neighbourhood has suddenly become a gravesite.

Countless number of people flock to there daily like tourists to see an attraction. Attentively, with tearful eyes they listen to witnesses of how it all happened, a story that would be told centuries after our time.

Press Office of the First Lady

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