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First Lady Fatima Bio Launches Global Africa Women’s Week In London


Her Excellency Fatima Maada Bio was the special guest of honour at the launch of Global Africa Women’s Week in London UK, on Sat 8th June.. The founder of GAWW, Dr Pauline Long, brought in top African women speakers from different countries and organisations to highlight workable programmes on making Africa better for women.

It was a high powered networking event , with participants drawing on individual experience, and global research to proffer workable programmes. The ladies did not agree on every issue, but they were in agreement that they have to arrive at a compromise, and work together for the progress of Africa.

First Lady Bio highlighted the need to champion causes that directly affects the development of Africa. It was based on this she launched her #HandsOffOurGirls campaign in 2018. Areas covered at the session included:

Understanding Sickle cell
Domestic violence�Support for the disabled�Periods poverty�Mistreated widow�Sexual abuse
Circumcision�Rape �Child Marriage�Education�Denied leadership �Denied access to healthcare�Poverty and hunger�Killings of persons with albinism �HIV/AIDS Stigma�Support for women businesses �Mental Health �Support for carers�Support for African charities�Support for entrepreneurs�Sisterhood within African women�Understanding and supporting those with Alzheimer �Social media bullying �Bullying in the church �Support for displaced people�Intrapartum Care

First Lady Bio was given the diamond award for celebrating human love through philanthropy, leadership and entrepreneurship. She was also given WAW (Women Appreciating Women) award, for her effort in uniting women all over the world to push for progress, collaborate with one another in business and humanitarian projects and most importantly to support one another in all aspects of life.

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