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FCC NPSE Data Conference 2019

Yesterday, FCC had in-depth discussions with stakeholders in education, about some of the irregularities our monitors observed during the May 2019 National Primary School Examination (NPSE).

Ahead of the NPSE, we trained monitors on what the ideal processes should look like during and after the examination. With great support from the Ministry of Basic & Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) & WAEC, the monitors were sent out to do the monitoring. Many lessons were learnt, and some recommendations that were made at today’s conference would be implemented in time for NPSE 2020.

For instance, one of the key issues identified was that of unregistered students turning up for the exams. A practical recommendation that would be implemented is the registration of pupils as early as in class 5, in collaboration with the National Civil Registration Authority. This process would reduce the final exam registration process to a confirmation process, and provide a database for cross-referencing pupils who turn up for the NPSE.

FCC will also look into implementing other simple reforms like providing the good quality pencils for exam candidates, as it was found out that poor quality pencils used for shading could not be identified by the machines that mark the answer sheets – an issue that significantly slowed down the marking process. Several partners also agreed to look into training teachers on the marking schemes and methods WAEC uses to grade exams.

We are happy that we were given the opportunity to work closely with MBSSE, WAEC, UNICEF, Stats SL, DSTI, & NCRA to map out the way forward for basic education in our city, and that we got feedback from the teachers and head teachers who work with the pupils!


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