FCC Freetown Flood Risk Warning


Freetown Flood Risk Warning❗️

FCC is calling on residents, especially those who live in communities prone to flooding to remain alert as heavy rains have been predicted over the next three days. Residents living in lowlands and flood plains along the coast are advised to be vigilant especially at night as they have an increased risk of flooding and other environmental disasters.

To report a disaster contact ONS on
076 612775

FCC, with support from several partners and the central government, will continue collaborating with RSLAF to implement the 2020 Flood Mitigation exercise, as we have done over the last month in 52 communities across Freetown. Our interventions – clearing blocked culverts, drainages and silted gutters and waterways – help reduce incidences of flooding in certain vulnerable communities. However, the current practice of building along waterways and in flood plains in parts of the city leave many residents vulnerable. FCC’s flood mitigation activities cannot effectively address this land use planning challenge.

The health and well-being of all Freetonians is of paramount concern to us.

Stay safe, Freetonians!