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Entertainers Turning Into Beggars Due To Undue Government Restrictions – Amb. Alhaji K. Tarawally (Laj-K)

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We’ve seen our counterparts in Guinea, Gambia, Tanzania, Burundi, Gambia and other African countries organizing major local and international shows under some guiding principles to help sustain and keep their creative and entertainment industry and their economies alive….but Sierra Leone keep moving on the contrary and it seems to be okay after the untold sufferings of countless numbers of entertainers, and their businesses continue to perish in the name of Covid-19 response, which appears to be a stunt.

It’s unwise to allow other major events to hold across the country, including political events, religious events, school concerts, public campaigns, rallies, government functions going on as planned, and yet you say no Entertainment events. This is ridiculous and complete wickedness to the creative industry. This is our livelihood. You can’t stop us and then failing to compensate us. You continues cancelling our shows and events with no remorse. This government MUST listen now before it’s too late. I’m hurt. I’m venting because our businesses are dying and our Entertainers/Celebrities are now turning into political or domestic beggars.

Let it also be known that the entertainment industry has played a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19, raising awareness and adhering to the precautionary measures. But with all of these contributions, it appears that we are the biggest victims of this crisis, whilst other sectors are partying.

Investment companies/stakeholders in the Sierra Leone Entertainment Industry are calling on the President Julius Maada Bio led Government of Sierra Leone to lift the ban on the entertainment industry and follow the steps taken by other African countries, that guide the conduct of entertainment events. We have suffered in silence and no one seems to be concerned.

For the past one year, our investments have dwindled and our cries have been falling on deaf ears and no one cares. This is not only affecting us, but several others who directly or indirectly rely on entertainment events for their livelihoods.

This is a wake up call for all entertainers, entertainment stakeholders and the government to map out possible ways of ensuring that entertainment events go on, as it is the case for our African counterparts.

“Are nor bin wan write natin but dis issue o,” but the current economic outcry, sufferings and brouhaha in the Creative Industry in Sierra Leone seem to be getting worse day by day for entertainers and the emerging businesses. This has left me with no choice but to add my voice and passionately appeal and crave the indulgence of our government to allow us organize our shows or in the interim use or utilize some funds of the EU, IMF, WHO and other international supports as relief or recovery funding to affected businesses in the entertainment industry.

Amb. Alhaji K. Tarawally (Laj-K)
Youth Activist, Entrepreneur and Entertainment Executive

Enough Is Enough

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