Dr Sylvia Blyden Case Adjourned As No Lawyer Appeared For The State


Good Evening from my verandah overlooking Atlantic Ocean estuary at Cockle Bay. I am just returning from hospital where I went for my follow-up treatment in capable hands of our darling healthcare workers who always spoil and pamper me when they see me. Thanks colleagues. The way you pampered me today just made my day – as always.

Meanwhile, the court case this morning at the High Court did not hold. Similarly the one at the Magistrate Court also did not hold this afternoon. In both courts, no lawyer appeared for the State so both matters have been adjourned.

Today also, for the first time since I was charged to court, there was no sign of the over 200 well-armed, anti-riot police who used to be deployed all over the entire Magistrate Court and around all streets in the vicinity whenever I was going to appear. It was a pleasant surprise to enter the magistrate courts area today and not see any sign of armed men with guns deployed all over as if… 🙂

I believe it shall be well.

Keep smiling everyone – smile, even from behind your masks.

God bless Sierra Leone.