Death In The Rain


In memory of our keen that lost their lives in Freetown from the mudslide

The day was brash as any other The struggles’ tons of it on our shoulders We leap like frogs wondering meals if any All of this under plastic veil even with the tiny

We do this with our dull spirits shrouded in hunger They even ponder our religious chores sharp as a dagger Speaking to them closed doors from our bitter hearts Telling them the faults red as blood is not ours to share

They rambling back to us in waves of thunder To seek our share of the gold and diamond they plunder We point to mansions planted with roots of metal Why our homes swing in dark wings like grave petals

Signs of danger came lurking in clouds above the hills Where the marginalized seek to lay their poor bellies Notice of it deceitful as they that plunder We walk in its face taking no care of its cry in anger

The day was over though long with sweats of our salt Nothing can replenish it after the thorns on our route No care was given to the devil dancing in black veil Our suffering lingers in the sea of Cloud every day

What was a ritual of settling in our cradles of no substance Never knowing our tombstones lay minutes at a distance In this commotion was songs of praise the sun has settled Its face covered with natures deluge of rain ready for battle

On our mats, covers wriggling saying goodnight to loved ones We sleep our minds only thinking of tomorrows wonders No mercy came with the roar of lions raging in the rains Some never knowing the drowning with all their grains

It washed our souls clothed in ragged possessions we own Leaving families and friends in anguish as we float alone Our corpses they find hard to place our faces We feel guilty leaving them looking for our limbs in places

Oh rain of grace, we look forward to every rainy season Why us bearing all the hardships locked in poverty’s prison Our only fault is the struggling to survive for all the reasons Leaving behind the guilty that gave us no concessions

By Franklyn Zorokong
Poet of Bo
Sierra Leone