Dear Mr. President By Youth Ambassador, Mohamed Basiru Sanusi (Bash)


Dear Mr. President, May God always continue to guide and pour his divine blessings upon you to serve us Judiciously.

Mr. President Sir, we are humbly reminding you and patiently but urgently waiting for the establishment of the Youth Empowerment Fund (Yut Baskit) as enshrined in your New Direction Manifesto page 45.

H.E Sir, if this is actualized, the high rate of youth unemployment will reduce and several other developmental projects will be implemented to empower and capacitate the youth to be self-reliant, and become agents of positive change and partners in the sustainable development Goals.

Sir, we are also kindly requesting for the urgent review of the 2014 – 2018 Revised National Youth Policy & the Blueprint for Youth Development, as both documents expired in December 2018. (Article 12 of the 2006 African Youth Charter).

Mr. President, we are also looking forward for the creation of more job opportunities, Quality Education, TVET Skills Development, and support to Youth in Innovation,Creative Arts,Sports,Agriculture, Entrepreneurship etc, as also stated in your New Direction Manifesto.

Finally Sir, We need the enabling environment to Strengthen the Public Private Partnership, that will greatly help to boost the sustainable economic development processes, and encourage more investments to possibly have at least One factory in each District.

H.E Sir, Please ensure that the stakeholders in the youth sector effectively Implement, Monitor, Evaluate & Fund Projects that are stated in the African Youth Charter and other Local Youth related Documents.

We express our profound thanks and appreciation to you for taking youth issues a priority for growth and development in Sierra Leone.

Youth Ambassador, Mohamed Basiru Sanusi. (Bash)

Journalist & Activist

[email protected]