Day 7: Diaries Of A Minister – Dr. Moinina David Sengeh – a week, a whirlwind, AND YES I am ready


Day 7: a week, a whirlwind, AND YES I am ready

3 functions. 3 different cities.

1. Njala Mokonde.…/
Sierra Leone became the first country in West Africa and the second in Africa to have a Government-led drone corridor. It has a full 250m runway for fixed wing drones, an attached research facility for industry and a whole set of use cases in health, agriculture and education. As CIO I am proud of #DSTISierraLeone for its leadership in this partnership with academia, private sector and government. As part of SL’s National Innovation and Digital Strategy and our recent investments in GIS, SL will provide the platform for digital governance to accelerate our development challenges #SDG9. This was purely a collaboration between SLCAA, UNICEF, Njala and DSTI and many visionary yes-sayers. The impact of today cannot be understand with a view of yesterday which is why it was phenomenal to have 100+ school children on site.

2. Mile 91. Canadian College of Technology. H.E President Bio and his team got a tour of a modern institute of technology where students from all over Sierra Leone go to learn skills relevant for the 21st Century like drone technologies. This is purely under the leadership of SLean diaspora who like doing and now support from the Government under the guidance of the Ministries of Higher and Technical Education and Information and Communication.

3. Bo. Bo Rangers. As a proud Bo Kakua man, of course I am here to support the team in its final pre-season match against FC Johansson. Shout out to Babadi for his visionary leadership that’s transformed this proud city team.

Ps- with this, I now conclude the 1 week daily posts as Minister of Basic Education

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