Day 5: Diaries Of A Minister – We do this for our children – Dr. Moinina David Sengeh

The school leader couldn’t resist it… when I said thank you and good bye, she held my hand and burst into prayers. Thank you for your service Ma

Day 5: We do this for our children

I asked this young learner her age. She didn’t respond for a second and the teachers said she didn’t know. I waited just a second longer and then she said 5. It brought me joy

In her 35 years as a teacher and now head of school, this school leader had never met a leader from the Ministry of Education (she has seen inspectors of schools). She said that she felt incredibly proud as a teacher and a school head that a Minister visiter her school and sat with her children.

Nothing brings me more joy than engaging with kids- learning from and with them. Our frame of reference should always be to learn from them… they know more than we can imagine

I told her that these children too were my children.

Today I visited Nursery and class 3. Class 3 was doing revision so I sat through an entire Environmental Studies session. At the end, I asked a “why” question… why should you look left and right before crossing a road (the original question was a fill in the blank statement…) after many mumbles, a young lady seen in the photo said that it was to make sure a car wasnt coming before crossing. She and I exchanged a few words after she thanked me for visiting. I could see her beam with joy just like my child.

Class 3 Lessons

Many kids in nursery didnt know their age. I was however very impressed with the leadership of the school, the freedom with which the kids engaged (particularly in nursery) and played and the diligence of the teachers.

As a parent, I know how much work I put in everyday with my 3yr old. She loves reading and I love reading with her. I understand that close to 70% of our population cannot read. For the 30%, we need to have a reading habit. We should commit to reading at least 2 to 3 times a week with our children either at night or in the morning for 15mins. For everyone else, even if you dont know what your children are reading, consider engaging with them so they teach you. We need a reading and learning revolution in Sierra Leone and it starts with you and me. It starts with you committing to reading regularly, if not everyday with your children or giving them the space to read. Please open a book, call your child, give them a hug and read with them. Yes, do that now and see the magic!

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