Day 4: Diaries Of A Minister -Can He Do Both Or Can He Not? – Dr. Moinina David Sengeh

Day 4: can he do both or can he not?

In the meantime, The Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation – DSTI is just out here doing what it’s meant to be doing… preparing the community to be part of the Digital Revolution embodied in the National Innovation and Digital Strategy.

And today, as CIO, I engaged with the leadership of #DSTI_SierraLeone to think with a Justice innovation organisation leader from Namati to explore the use and deployment of several 4IR technologies for access to justice (IoT, Drones, AI).

As Minister, I continued my engagement with staff. Today, two amazing women leaders gave me lots of hope. One heads the Junior and Secondary School unit. She was telling me about her vision for the School Boards and as a recent Board member myself, I was inspired by her leadership and gave her all the freedoms she needs to move her ideas forward.

In another department, a woman was telling her more senior male colleagues about an analysis she’s done in response to a question I’d asked (re: automatic placement of students in schools after exams). Before she even finished, one male shook his head saying no. I waited for them to finish and I asked the lady to explain again, indicated it was a brilliant thought, explained to her male colleague he hadn’t bothered listening to his colleague and asking questions… her voice too matters and in this case, it was the better opinionated voice. In my first meeting at the Ministry I had told staff it was important for me that women’s voices were heard across all levels. As we walked away, I heard the male colleague asking her to explain again…

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