Day 2: Dairies Of A Minister – Dr. Moinina David Sengeh


Day 2:

1. Institutional and Departmental Visits- today I paid a visit to every department and institution in the ministry including the offsite Science and Technology Secretariat. The latter was locked and no one present (might explain a bit the state of science education). It’s fascinating learning the stories of staff across the ministry.

2. I visited a Private School today. It was in part related to a very unsightly image in the vicinity of the school (a semi-naked image of a woman labelled “come show your talent” for a pool party). It’s right next to where all these young women get food, where all parents drop off and pick their kids. And yet, it behoves me that none of those people (parents, teachers, staff, etc) have said anything before. The imagery has now been removed from the school vicinity.

I wont have daily reports obviously but these early days are fascinating.

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