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Congratulation To Kenchine Palmer And monica Yeani Ghaliwa

Yesternight we witnessed a lot of emotions, celebrations, performances, drama and a lot more.

Kenchine Palmer and Monica Yeani Ghaliwa are the last standing couple of housemate Salone.

Kenchine Palmer was crowned the winner with 26.29%, Monica Yeani Ghaliwa 22.81%, Ibrahim Shehab 21.15%, Dylis George 13.73%, Suad Kamara 9.66%, And Henry Fornah 6.35%.

Housemates Salone is without dispute the most watched television reality show ever in the history of Sierra Leone as it stands, generating millions of fans from across the world. The show was staged with a purpose of unearthing youth’s potentials in a process of learning and also empowering them through entertainment.

Kenchine who is regarded as ‘Dizzy west’ is known popularly for rapping which he demonstrated two years ago on AYV CYPHER UNCENSORED, representing the team One heart Nation. He is also from the streets and at an early stage in life he lost both his parent’s, but regardless of the situation he kept pushing for greener pastures.

Monica also was presented a cheque of le50.000.000 as the last standing couple and runners up of housemate salone. We believe in youths potentials regardless of situation, background, status and religious beliefs.

We want to congratulate both Kenchine and Monica for such wonderful, fond and great memories they had and the smiles they left on the faces of our viewers all over the world.

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