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Christian Leaders Visit Minister Sylvia Olayinka Blyden

Photographs of Hon. Minister Sylvia Olayinka Blyden and cross section of the large delegation of Christian Leaders who were at my office this evening for them to formally present their current Position Paper to me. It was a beautiful meeting and I thank God for being the daughter of the late Christian Local Preacher and Man of God, Mr. Babatunde Blyden.


Sierra Leone will rise above all of this with a Religious Tolerance that is even stronger than what we had before. Trust this Cabinet Minister to always put Sierra Leone’s interest first. His Excellency’s confidence in me will not ever be a mis-placed one.


Image of the Statement from the Christian Leaders is also accompanying this update. Here is a summary of what the Christian Leaders are saying:

1. That the words of Evangelist Ajisafe have the potential to undermine coexistence of the two religions and the peace of the nation.

2. That the position expressed against the Muslim faith was Ajisafe’s personal opinion and does not represent Christians in Sierra Leone.

3. The Christian Leaders are condemning him and have disassociated themselves from Ajisafe’s questionable and wrong statements. They also appeal for immediate cessation of circulation of the audio.

4. Expressed DEEP REGRET for the incidence and are calling on Evangelist Victor Ajisafe to tender an immediate apology to entire Muslim community, affected families, individuals, the Government and the Nation.

5. Christian Leaders recognize and applaud the proactive efforts of State House, Ministry of Social Welfare, Police, ONS and IRCSL.

6. Call on both Muslims and Christians to forgive one another as that is what each religion promotes.

7. Christian Leaders are humbly calling on government to temper justice with mercy on the issue.


All the above and more will be stated at 10am tomorrow at a Press Conference (see below).

Thanks and feel free to reshare all images and this text.

Hon. Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
27th September 2017.

Press Conference will not be at the CCSL compound as it had already been booked for another function tomorrow. Please take note of the venue below

Dear All,

The Body of Christ will be having a Press Conference on the Evangelist Victor Ajasafe Issue at Bethel World Outreach Church at 165 Circular Road commencing at 10:00am tomorrow Thursday 28th September, 2017.

All Journalists both electronics and the print are cordially invited.

Rev. Dr. Usman J. Fornah
General Secretary, Inter Religious Council of Sierra Leone

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